S72 Series


Product Description

This series can be divided into two dimensins of 20 foot and 40 foot,we can produce it according to your need!Both single and double oil products as well as single nozzle and double nozzles can be made for your different usages. Mobile gas station is modified from a 20-foot or 40-foot steel container Refueling equipment is installed completely Special modification is done to the container to prevent friction sparks There are also other fire prevention facilities such like fire extinguisher Commponent diagram S71-1
Model Capacity Ex-proof Fuel dispenser Oil tank
S72-A 15m³ NO Single nozzle Double layers
S72-A2 15m³ YES Single nozzle Double layers
S72-B1 20m³ NO Single nozzle Double layers
S72-B2 20m³ YES Single nozzle Double layers
S72-E1 35m³ NO Single nozzle Double layers
Main Features Full equipped and completely autonomous High movability and manoeuverability Need very little preparation work Solid framework and casing Only need 3hours to be possible to operate High stability and safety,no land cost The whole body is remanufactured from 300 foot standard container The equipment is installde in the container Wide applicability: motor car,truck,port,airport and campsite If multi-oil products,a door as an entry channel is installed on the top of the container above the entry hole of each oil-storage unit